Sustainability is the capacity to endure, and our oceans though vast, cannot endure the immense fishing pressure and damaging practices that humans use to source seafood. Harmful types of fishing practices have a substantial negative impact on the ecosystems that supply us with food. Although the oceans cover most of our planet, there are limits. Research shows that fisheries are declining due in part to the presence of humans. It is our job as humans to protect these precious ecosystems and preserve them for generations to come. In our world, the power of greed and gluttony often outweighs the power of responsibility. If nothing is done about the state of declining populations of sea dwellers, then the endless oceans may no longer seem so endless.

Fish that are not sustainable face extinction. Marine biologists and fishermen work to put measures in place to protect those endangered species. But we, as consumers, can also lend a hand. Buy seafood from sustainable sources, educate yourself on which species are and are not sustainable, and do not support product supplied by “fishy” sources.  There are resources available, such as Seafood Watch, which promote the education of seafood sustainability issues. I am also working to provide a similar program on my blog and future endeavors, but for now I encourage you to click the link above or the following link to further educate yourself on this important topic. Sustainable Sushi is another great source dedicated to sustainability.

I always make an effort to only use sustainable seafood on my blog, and you should too.


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