Maki Zavelli, the Seafood Philosopher is the brain child of Cleveland-based chef and artist Adam Zavell. The blog started in 2012, and after a long hiatus, has finally returned. Maki Zavelli has matured and grown in many ways, but you can still expect the original quirky charm to remain intact.


Adam is a chef with 10 years of experience in various styles, primarily Asian. The Makizavellian cooking style could be described as creative, colorful, and close to nature coastal American cuisine with an exotic flair.

This blog is also about teaching people how to make healthy food in delicious ways you may have not considered before. I’m going to attempt to make delicious, unique and healthy versions of sushi that you wouldn’t find at your local sushi bar.

I’m also going to be featuring local Cleveland restaurants with a seafood specialty or theme.

Expect lots of seafood puns.

(That’s how I get you…)

Cook, line and thinker.

Thanks for stopping by, and may the fish be with you!


I’m available for private events, and food photography for restaurants.

Contact me:


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