A Mother’s Day Twist on a Caterpillar Roll

“There is no maki like a mother’s love.”

While this is true, I have created one that draws inspiration from it. This post is dedicated to my mom.

My mother has an obsession for caterpillars and their life cycle. She is also the only person I know whose has an avocado obsession to match my own.  You know what they say… an avocado doesn’t fall far from the tree.  For this twist on the classic ‘caterpillar roll’ found in many a sushi bar, I have also added the cocoon and butterfly.

My mom has never been a big sushi person, so I made sure to fill this roll with ingredients she likes. This is an uramaki with avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon, and cooked shrimp. I actually took one roll and cut it in half. One half got covered in avocado to create the caterpillar, and the other was deep-fried to create the cocoon. Then they were topped with kabayaki sauce, a sauce similar to teriyaki, which she loves.

To create the layered avocado on top of the roll, first you slice one of the rounded edges off the avocado, about an inch thick. This next part takes practice, but can be done slowly with precision. The goal here is to slice the avocado very thin, about an 1/8th of an inch. Always tuck your fingers under your knuckles and rest the top of the blade against your knuckles. Tip your blade up and drag from top to bottom.

Repeat until avocado is all sliced, and then fan out and place on top of the maki roll. Then cover the roll with plastic wrap and press in gently with a rolling mat.

I’ve added even more avocado by creating an avocado puree instead of using wasabi paste. My mom wouldn’t like wasabi, and I don’t really either to be honest. I also used papaya dressed in lime juice instead of pickled ginger. I like to mimic these condiments in creative ways that I find more delicious than the originals which I am not a huge fan of.

Although I was unable to be with my mom this Mother’s Day, we very much enjoyed this mom-inspired caterpillar roll on her behalf here at Maki Zavelli Studios. (read:my kitchen and backyard)

To my mom, I hope your day is filled with the joy of a caterpillar’s dream. I will love you forever, and I will see you soon!

To everyone else,

May the fish be with you, young rainbow trout!

~Maki Zavelli, over and out <(^_^<)


6 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Twist on a Caterpillar Roll

  1. I’m very impressed my old friend. I’ve never realized your true talent for such delicious creations untill now. I have cooked myself for 8 years but mostly short order. Keep doing your thing brother, ill be anticipating a show on the food network or at the very least a hit youtube channel! Much love and support.


  2. Boy!! This looks amazing! I’m so incredibly proud of you for finally getting the blog launched!! Glad your chef photo turned out as well 🙂



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