Welcome to my world!

“Sushi = Happiness”

This is the makizavellian philosophy; where joy can be found in a spicy tuna roll; bliss can be achieved between fresh yellowtail and subtley sweet sushi rice; and harmony can be reached for and attained … with chopsticks. Come, explore my world. You will discover all this and more when you dive beneath the surface and discover the incredible depths of flavor that await you. Intrigued? Dive a little further…

Find your center.

Find your…inner piece.

So who am I, you may ask?

Well, I have many layers…

…like an artichoke

I am an open passport…

…fearless to go anywhere in search of deliciousity.

I am a sharp sashimi knife…

…on the cutting-edge of the culinary world.

I am a braised pork summer roll with Thai basil pesto…

…various cultures rolled into one — daring to be different …
…and daring to be dunked ^_^;;

I am a rainbow trout…

…a colorful character supporting sustainability and a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

I am an avocado…


I am chef Adam P Zavell…

aka Maki Zavelli, the seafood philosopher

And thanks to this little blog here, I am also a food stylist, photographer, and writer. (Or simply, a food blogger.)

I explore the world around us searching for inspiration through food. I channel these journies into my own brand of sushi-centric Asian fusion cuisine. I often swim off into uncharted waters as well. Don’t be afraid to swim along with me on this quest! My wish is to share the makizavellian philosophy with the world through this blog, and hopefully you can swim away with your own little piece of inspiration.

If you want to learn how to make sushi at home, this is the place for you. The pages of Makiology are before you to explore.


~Maki Zavelli


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